Difference Between Housekeeping And House Cleaning

Though words housekeeping and house cleaning are used interchangeably, there are many differentiating factors between them. Some of the tasks of a housekeeper and a house cleaner overlap with each other. But majority of tasks these two perform are widely different than each other. So, let’s find out the difference between housekeeping and house cleaning. Housekeeping The Housekeeping term is more relatively used in hotel industry. Housekeeping is also referred in relation with other commercial properties such as offices, malls, hospitals, schools, commercial complex, residential housing societies etc. Housekeeping services normally includes daily cleaning, maintenance of hygiene, decorations and tidying up the entire property. Though cleaning is essential part of housekeeping, it doesn’t not involve through cleaning. Housekeeping service is […]

Different Types Of Floorings

In this article, we will try to understand different types of floorings and everything you need to know about them. We will discuss about its composition material and its advantages as well as disadvantages. Just like your shoes is the first thing people notice about you, flooring is the first thing people notice about your property. Other things in the house such as furniture, paint, fittings can be changed quite easily. But flooring is kind of permanent. It is not changed frequently because of all the hassle it involves to change it. Also the cost of changing the floor is high and it is time consuming too. That is why it is of utmost importance to choose the type of […]

Why outsource deep cleaning to a professional cleaning company?

  You might have this thinking that I do cleaning myself or have maids to do so then why do I need to outsource it to a professional cleaning company? The hard truth is no matter how much attention you pay, your eyes might skip some area where dust settles or grime gets collected. On the other hand, professionals have a keen eye to detailing as it’s their daily job. Professional cleaning company trains its employees on regular basis about the deep cleaning. They also get hands on experience on daily basis. So it’s always the best option to go to a professional cleaning company when it comes to deep cleaning your lovely house. First, go through our other article […]

Why Do You Need A Home Deep Cleaning?

Homes go through a lot of wear and tear on regular basis. Regular dusting or vacuuming isn’t enough to maintain the house. It’s a good idea to scrub the spaces that are or done on regular basis. Deep cleaning is giving a little more love to your home. So let’s find out why do you need a deep cleaning? And when? Table of Content What is a deep cleaning? Signs that suggest you require a deep home cleaning Benefits of a home deep cleaning Why you should call professionals for home deep cleaning?   What is a deep cleaning? Let us first understand what is not a deep cleaning. The things you do to maintain your house on day-to-day basis […]

Difference Between Home Deep Cleaning & Normal Cleaning

You might get this question in your mind quite often that what is the difference between home deep cleaning that professionals do and the regular cleaning that you or your maid does? The difference is mainly the skills, technique, experience and professionalism. The professionals know their job very well and you don’t have to supervise them. They bring their own material and tools. You get quality service and satisfaction by spending some extra bucks. Table of content What is regular cleaning? What is home deep cleaning? Difference between deep home cleaning and regular cleaning Why deep cleaning is required? Dirtblaster deep cleaning checklist What is a regular cleaning? In simple terms, regular cleaning can be defined as the cleaning that […]