Professional Home Deep Cleaning in Pune


What comes to your mind when someone says deep cleaning? You may know everything about cleaning but what is this home deep cleaning? We will explain everything you need to know about home deep cleaning services in Pune here.

Regular cleaning is done on regular day to day basis or on weekly basis. Home deep cleaning is very much different than regular cleaning. It involves cleaning every nooks and corner of your house or bungalow property.

Deep cleaning is moving the furniture and cleaning it from all the sides, deep cleaning of kitchen trolleys and cabinets, chimney, exhaust fan, window cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising bathrooms, balcony cleaning, floor cleaning etc.

It is working deep into the areas which are normally neglected during normal cleaning. You or your maid is not expected to disinfect the switchboards on daily basis. Switchboards might be dusted once in a week.

But what about those marks on it or disinfecting it once in a while? That is what is done in a home deep cleaning services in Pune.

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What is home deep cleaning services in Pune?

Deep cleaning can be best described in other words as disinfecting, sanitising, degreasing, descaling or decluttering. House cleaning is very important to keep the health and the beauty of your house.

Having a certain schedule to deep clean your house, such as once in two or three months will be a great idea to clean some parts of your house that might be out of reach when you are doing regular daily or weekly cleaning.

Those parts are usually including under the beds and under the furniture. Besides, vacuuming of carpet and other upholstery such as sofa, chairs are also included in Apartment Cleaning Services In Pune.

If you find your fans have accumulated dust or sofa has got some visible stains or bathroom tiles are looking yellowish or brownish or if you observe grease on door handles of your kitchen trolleys and cabinets then it is the signal for you to go for Professional Home Cleaning Services In Pune.

Dust mites, germs, allergens and other pollutants lurk in the hidden areas of your home and deep within your carpets and furniture where routine cleaning can’t reach. This can be easily cleaned in professional house cleaning services.

With the help from professional home cleaning services, you can eliminate all of the grime in your house even in tough to reach places. Have your home deep cleaned today to protect your family and your house!

Although they lurk out of sight, hidden contaminants in your home may be putting your family at risk of allergy attacks, mold contamination, bacterial infections and other serious health risks. Mold or insect infestations could threaten the soundness of your house itself.

Going for professional home cleaning services in Pune for your home is a fail-safe method for removing unseen germs and other pollutants in your house.

With bathroom cleaning, sofa cleaning, kitchen cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning and furniture cleaning, your house will be a healthy home once again.

It would be a hassle for you to have all of these areas of your home cleaned on your own. So go for Professional House Cleaning Services In Pune like Dirtblaster Cleaning Services.

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Difference between home deep cleaning & normal cleaning

Regular house cleaning is what is done on day to day basis. This includes mopping the floor, toilet bowl cleaning, surfaces dusting, cleaning utensils etc.

Deep cleaning varies from normal cleaning in many ways. It is all the things involved in normal cleaning plus few additional things.

This includes-

· Cobweb removal.

· Moving the furniture and cleaning it from all the sides. Base, back and top side of the furniture become really dusty because it is hard to reach there in normal cleaning.

· Dry vacuuming the surfaces first and then wiping the surface with all purpose cleaner and microfiber cloth.

· ‌Window channels, grills, frames, handles and mosquito net are cleaned with powerful vacuum cleaner, tooth brush and glass cleaner.

· Bathroom cleaning involves window, geyser, tiles, basin, commode, taps, shower, mirror etc.

· Kitchen cleaning is degreasing and disinfecting the trolleys, cabinets, platform, tiles, chimney, exhaust fan etc from inside out.

· Floor cleaning may involve machine scrubbing with high grade floor cleaner and mopping.

You can read a detailed article on this topic here “Difference between deep cleaning & normal cleaning”.

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Reasons to deep clean a home

Normal cleaning is not enough for your house as your house suffers a lot on regular basis.

Regular dusting or vacuuming isn’t just enough to maintain the house. Professional house cleaning services is basically taking that extra step to make sure that your house remains in good shape and you remain healthy.

Home deep cleaning services in Pune is paying attention to the areas which are neglected in normal cleaning. For example, switch boards are not cleaned on daily basis.

The back side of the furniture is not cleaned on regular basis. Even maids do not clean under the sofa that often.


Signs that show you need professional home cleaning services

      · When you see a lot of dust gathered on your fans, go for a home deep cleaning services in Pune.

      · If you haven’t dusted the lofts since past 6 months, go for a home deep cleaning services in Pune.

      · Vacuuming of mattresses is not done for more than 6 months, go for a home deep cleaning services in Pune.

      · When you see birds have made your windows or balcony dirty, go for a home cleaning services in Pune.

      · You have a pet (dog or cat), then you should consider home cleaning services for your home once in 6 months.

      · You see water marks or mineral deposits in your bathroom, go for a house  cleaning services in Pune.

      · If you can’t see through your shower glass because of hard water stains, go for a house cleaning services in Pune.

      · If you observe grease on door handles of your kitchen trolleys or cabinets, go for a house cleaning services in Pune.

      · When guests are coming over or you have a function at your house, go for a home cleaning services in Pune.

We can tell 100s of reasons if your house needs a home deep cleaning.

The best way is to do the deep home cleaning once in every 6 months.

You can also opt for other small packages that we offer such as Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Cleaning Services In PunePest Control and Painting.

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Benefits of professional house cleaning services

Even if you are a clean fanatic, you may miss corner areas where dust accumulates more. Deep cleaning a house is a very complex process when compared to normal cleaning.

Following are the benefits of a home deep cleaning->

Eliminate bacteria and allergies- Deep cleaning helps in removing dust mites, bacteria, mildew etc from your home.

Improve air quality- Home cleaning involves vacuuming of the surfaces first to remove the dust. Wiping doesn’t remove all the dust and the dust just settles from one place to other.

Disinfection- Deep home cleaners involve disinfectant cleaner to disinfect the surfaces.

Reduce stress- Home deep cleaning makes your space more healthy and fresh.

That is why our tagline is “Clean Spaces Make Happy Faces”.

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Why outsource deep cleaning to professional cleaning company?

You might think that I do cleaning myself or have maids to do so then why should I outsource it to a professional cleaning company?

The reason is no matter how much attention you try to pay to cleaning, you are bound to skip some areas which are dirtier than you think. Dust is not always on the areas which you see through your naked eyes, but it is more on the hidden areas.

So here are few benefits of outsourcing home cleaning to a professional cleaning company.

Save Money- We say cleaning is a loss of opportunity for you which you can utilise to focus on more valuable things in life. Focus on more productive things which can add value to your life.

For businesses the most valuable thing is to focus on their core things instead of cleaning. 

You can try purchasing high end machines or chemicals that professionals possess. But you will not use it often. It is wastage of money for you.

Save time- Home cleaning is a time consuming task. You are spending your time which is more valuable than money on the task which consumes a lot of time. 

Outsourcing home cleaning to professionals saves time for you.

It saves unwanted investment- Professional chemicals and state of the art equipment are quite costly.

Professional companies have all these things required for a home cleaning at their disposal.

You either can’t have all these or even if you purchase it, its waste of money as it will not be used to its full potential. Your money gets stuck.

Reduce risk- Home cleaning is reaching out to areas where you normally can’t reach. You might use a ladder or stool for this. But getting on the ladder and climbing to a height may increase the risk of falling.

During home cleaning you will be climbing on the ladder all the time. You may fall down or may feel extra strain in your muscles.

Professional cleaners are used to such risky tasks and hence can do it with ease.

Protect your health- A clean environment inside as well as outside of our home is very much necessary for our better health.

Dust causes allergies and spreads bacteria into the environment. Home deep cleaning takes out the dust to make the air more clean inside the house.

When you try to deal with dust and grease while cleaning by yourself, you may end up facing health issues for you or for your family members too.

On the other hand, professionals use special machines & take proper care so not to spread the bacteria into the air.

Variety of cleaning- Deep cleaning is not just dusting and wiping. It is not just mopping. It’s more than that. 

Many things included in deep cleaning are windows, washrooms, kitchen, balcony, bedrooms, and living room. It also involves all sorts of details of all those places.

There are different types of chemicals used in Flat Cleaning Services In Pune such as all purpose cleaner, furniture polish, degreaser, disinfectant, tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaner etc.

How many of it you can remember or how much can you purchase or store. It’s best that you rather outsource these hazards to a professional company.

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Why DirtBlaster cleaning services?

Dirtblaster Cleanig Services is well known and most trusted professional deep cleaning services company in Pune.

We deal into home deep cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, chair clearing, office cleaning, car cleaning, pest control and painting services.

Dirtblaster Cleanig Services has well trained and professional team who knows how exactly house cleaning is done.

Our team is very well experienced in handling big projects such as hospitals, restaurants, IT offices, warehouses as well as small projects like residential flat cleaning.

Dirtblaster Cleanig Services use high end industry grade machines and chemicals. We use chemicals from world famous companies like Diversey or Buzil-Rosarri.


DirtBlaster home deep cleaning services checklist


      · Rooms

      ü  Cobwebs removal

      ü  Cleaning fans, switchboards , tube lights, bulbs

      ü  Cleaning wall frames, wall clocks, wall hangings

      ü  Moving movable furniture and cleaning all sides


      · Windows

      ü Vacuuming window channels and mosquito net

      ü  Dusting of window grills, frames and channels

      ü  Cleaning of glasses from inside and outside


      · Balcony

      ü  Floor

      ü  Cobwebs removal

      ü  Dusting of balcony railing


      ·  Bathrooms

      ü  Scrubbing floor and wall tiles

      ü  Descaling taps, shower, jet spray

      ü  Removing hard water stains from shower glass, bath tubs

      ü  Disinfecting & sanitising toilet bowl, back side of toilet bowl

      ü  Disinfecting wash basin

      ü  Cleaning of mirrors, cabinets


      · Kitchen

      ü  Degreasing of chimney, exhaust fan, gas stove

      ü  Cleaning of appliances from exterior

      ü  Scrubbing of kitchen platform and tiles

      ü  Cleaning kitchen trolleys and cabinets from inside-out


      · Other

      ü  Vacuuming of sofa, chair, carpet, mattresses

      ü  Cleaning of doors, door frames, hinges

      ü  Mopping/Scrubbing of floor


      Rather than spending your weekends cleaning your home, you can spend this time pursuing activities you love. You’ll have more free time to spend outdoors or with your friends and family.

Hire a professional to do the home cleaning so you can pursue your passions, hobbies and focus on the important people in your life.



Q. How much time does it take to deep clean a home?

A. It depends upon the size and the services you opt for.

For a normal 2 BHK flat deep cleaning, it takes approximately 6-8 hours.

Q. How often should deep cleaning be done?

A. Ideally professional home cleaning services should be done in every 6 months. At least once in a year is highly recommended.

Even we give great discounts to repeated customers.

Q. What are the exceptions to your deep cleaning package?

A. The deep cleaning package has few exceptions such as-

Wall cleaning is not included in this.

Sofa or upholstery shampooing is not included.

No furniture or appliances will be cleaned from inside.

Hard to reach areas will not be cleaned.

Chandelier cleaning is not done by us.

Heavy furniture will not be cleaned.

All these services can be added to your deep cleaning package but at extra cost.

Q. What are your home cleaning rates?

A. The rates for cleaning varies depending upon many factors such as size of the area, services included etc.

Home deep cleaning services in Pune rates start from Rs. 2999 only.

Q. How many people do you send?

A. The size of the team depends upon the type of job. For some jobs, we may send only one person while for some tasks we may send 6-8 persons as per the requirement.

Q. Do you charge for inspection?

A. We do not charge for inspection.

Q. How much are your charges for villa/bungalow cleaning?

A. Villa & bungalow cleaning quotation can be given only after visit. We do not charge any visiting fee.

Q. Do I need to provide anything from my end?

A. We bring our own material and machines required for deep cleaning.

We expect a ladder or stool to be provided by the customer.


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