Commercial Cleaning Services In Pune


To improve the image and functionality of your facility, go for Commercial Cleaning Services In Pune offered by Dirtblaster Cleaning Services.

Our professionals are trained to clean each and every inch of your facility with highest attention to details.

Upholstery cleaning services such as sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning services are also available with us.

Other speciality services such as window cleaning, bathroom cleaning are also provided by Dirtblaster Cleaning Services in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad area.

Our cleaning solutions will definitely help you in improving your working atmosphere and your image too.

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Important?

·        The primary and major important reason for any commercial property to go for commercial cleaning is to improve the looks.

      The appearance and aesthetics of the property are also improved.

·       A dirty work space is not safe for your employees, customers or anyone visiting your property.

      Commercial cleaning companies help in avoiding cross contamination at commercial properties.

      Preventing cross contamination means restricting the spread of germs from one place to other with cleaning.

·       Staff at professional commercial cleaning companies is well trained in handling the chemicals and tools so that it reduces the spread of disease and prevent cross contamination.

·       Dirty and filthy office results in reduced productivity of the employees. It may affect their performance.

      Commercial cleaning avoids any such performance issue caused by improper cleaning.

At Dirtblaster, we understand that there is difference between residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services.

Efforts required in commercial cleaning process are more than residential cleaning services.

Also the tools, equipment and chemicals vary widely in case of commercial cleaning.

We provide upfront pricing. Our prices are mostly affordable to every type of properties be it small restaurant or a big industrial shed, or any other kind of commercial establishment.

The most effective cleaning methods are applied by us for cleaning.

The most advanced industry grade machines and chemicals by companies like Taski and 3M India are used by us for cleaning.

Training for us is a continuous process and is never ending process. All our professionals are in-house only.

We train our professionals at our office and we also provide them on the job training.

Following are the various types of commercial cleaning services we provide in Pune & PCMC region:

Project Cleaning Services

Post Construction Clean-Up Services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Office Carpet Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Shop Cleaning Services

Hospital Cleaning Services

Gym Cleaning Services

Church/Masjid/Temple Cleaning Services

Nursery Cleaning Services

Office Chair Cleaning Services

Office Sofa Cleaning Services

Terrace Cleaning Services

Office Window Cleaning

Parking Area Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing Services

Lift Cleaning Services

Corporate Cleaning Services

Office Deep Cleaning Services

Duct Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

Guest House Cleaning Services

Clinic Cleaning Services

Call on 7350321321 or visit immediately to confirm your booking for any kind of Residential Cleaning Services in Pune as well as Commercial Cleaning Services in Pune.