Carpet Cleaning Services In Pune


We all love seeing a clean and pretty carpet. We like it at others home and the same is true for the guests visiting our homes. A clean carpet is a reflection of health and quality of lives of the people living there as well as people coming there as guests.

Carpets can be one of the great elements of a room. However carpets are also one of those elements which get dirty very easily. In fact, in homes that have carpet, up to 80% of the dust and dirt brought into your home could end up in your carpet. But it’s a known fact that carpet cleaning is no easy task and is definitely not a child’s play.


Office Carpet Cleaning

A lot of people walk in and out of your office or property. No matter what type of floor you have, it is bound to get dirty with so many
people walking on it.

It is comparatively easy to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the floor if it is of any type other than the carpet.

It is quite difficult to maintain the hygiene of the carpet and to keep it clean all the time. You can take out the loose dust and debris
from the carpet very easily but it is not possible to take out the dirt that settles at the roots of the carpet very easily.

You may require to take a professional help to deep clean the carpet without spoiling it.


Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning


Convenient & Time saving

Cleaning your carpet at home might take a lot of time as you are not professional into it. You may not have the right tools and machines
required which is why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is a must.

It is convenient to hire carpet cleaners so that it reduces the stress to your life if you were to do it by yourself.


Extend the life of carpet

As professional carpet cleaning services companies do not use harsh shampoos or chemicals and use other more effective methods, it does not damage the carpet and extends the life of the carpet.

At Dirtblaster Cleaning Services, we use chemicals from the company Taski which is world leader in commercial chemicals related to cleaning.


Improves air quality

The dust that settles on the carpet mixes with the air surrounding compromising the air quality. This air leads to Asthma, Allergy
etc. Frequent carpet cleaning avoids this.


Why Hire Dirtblaster Cleaning Services?

You may have a domestic vacuum cleaner at your house and you might be doing dry vacuuming of the carpet frequently. But let me tell you the facts related with this.

Dry vacuuming doesn’t take out all the dust from the carpet. The dust settles into the threads of the carpet and goes deep inside.

The domestic vacuum cleaners are not that powerful in handling the dust. Even after vacuuming, you can see the stains on the carpet.

So the best way to handle the stains and make your carpet look like new is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service like Dirtblaster.

We are the home carpet cleaners.  We clean your carpet at your home only and do not take it away. This reduces the time in
travelling and you get your clean carpet in less time. Also cleaning your carpet at your home reduces the price for the process.

The process we follow for carpet cleaning is a wet carpet cleaner process

We first dry vacuum the carpet to remove the loose dust and dirt.

Then we apply upholstery cleaner shampoo or carpet shampoo to the carpet and scrub the carpet using light bristled brush. This ensures carpet shampoo goes deep inside the carpet.

Then we suck the shampoo out of the carpet so that the dust comes out from the carpet.

We also use stain removal chemical to take out stubborn and tough stains.


The carpet gets dried completely in 4-6 hours. For professional carpet cleaning services in Pune, call Bhushan on 7350321321 or to find the best carpet cleaner in Pune visit