Upholstery Cleaning Services In Pune


Upholstery in your home is something that you use on daily basis. There are many people who are very sure to clean their bathrooms every couple of days to make sure that they keep bacteria and other problems away, but many of the same people forget about upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery can be considered as the heart of your house. You spend most of your time on the upholstery, watch TV sitting on the sofa, attain your guests while sitting on the chair, you take your afternoon nap on your favourite mattress, sometimes you like sitting on the carpet lying on your floor and do such many more things on it.

All of the homes have some or other types of upholstery. Irrespective of the size of the home, you find a set of sofa in the house, you have mattress, chair as well as carpet too.

You may choose the upholstery for your home considering the space available in your room, colour of your choice, quality of fabric, your requirement, your preferences, your budget etc.

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An eloquently fitted sofa magnifies the look of your house. Similarly carpet is the first thing people notice when they enter your home. Mattress is where you and all your loved ones sleep peacefully daily.

Even the people who are very particular about cleaning other things such as bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning regularly may forget that upholstery cleaning is an important part as well.

Upholstery cleaning will help you in keeping your home clean and a healthy place to live.

There are a variety of health benefits that actually come from having upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, chair cleaning & carpet cleaning done frequently and it is important that you understand these benefits and having upholstery cleaning done on your upholstery.

Upholstery cleaning is an aspect of cleaning that many people are unfamiliar with. You may have a variety of questions about upholstery cleaning. Cleaning your upholstery is as important as home deep cleaning. It is vital that you realise this and have your upholstery cleaned for a variety of reasons.

The following are the answers to variety of upholstery cleaning queries that can help you understand the importance of upholstery cleaning.


What is upholstery?


The dictionary meaning of upholstery is ‘the material used to cushion and cover furniture’.

Upholstery is the type of furniture with padding, springs and fabric or leather covers. Usually upholstered furniture uses material like animal hair, coil springs, coir, hay, linen, etc. Modern upholstery furniture uses metal springs and foam for longer life of the furniture.

The furniture may have wooden or steel frame and on top of it springs and paddings are placed. The cushioning or padding is then covered with fabric.


Types of upholstery fabric


Upholstery fabric is the most significant factor to consider if you need stylish & comfortable upholstery furniture.

In recent times, priorities of individuals have changed with regards to upholstery. Today, people don’t just need slick furniture but it has to be comfortable too.


Various types of upholstery fabric are available in the market.


  • Leather

Leather upholstery is elegant, looks extravagant, feels comfortable and looks expensive too.

It is a sturdy material and lasts longer. Leather doesn’t retain liquid hence doesn’t smell bad.

Cracks appear if leather upholstery is exposed to sunlight for long.


  • Polyester

Polyester comes in different colours and hence gives many options if you wish to match your upholstery with your interior.

It looks appealing and gives costly feel like that of leather upholstery.

Polyester dries rapidly if something spills on it. It is good resistant to stains.

Polyester fabric stretches over time. This material is flammable in nature.


  • Acrylic

It is a synthetic fibre. Acrylic is super easy to wash. It dries rapidly.

It is extremely prone to pilling. Acrylic can melt if exposed to heat or fire.


  • Acetate

Acetate emulates silk in its shine and sheen. It gives furniture a rich vibe. It is resistant to humidity. Acetate is resistant to mold and mildew.

It can be wrinkled easily. Easy staining is a problem with this fabric. It is prone to scratches.


  • Polypropylene

This type of upholstery fabric is incredibly durable & most suitable for furniture which is gets lot of wear and tear.

Polypropylene is made from melted plastic and hence is water resistant. Its colour doesn’t fade.

It is vulnerable to oil, light & heat. Exposure to sunlight can make it fragile.


  • Rayon

Rayon is extremely cheap type of upholstery fabric. It is delicate and comfortable.

It gets scratched easily. Rayon upholstery is prone to wrinkles. It is not water resistant.


  • Wool

Wool is a natural fabric. It is delicate and warm. It is fire resistant and water resistant too.

Wool is an eco-friendly type of fabric for upholstery. It doesn’t get wrinkled.

Wool is a costly fabric. When it gets wet, it smell bad.


  • Cotton

This is the most widely used and the most popular type of upholstery fabric.

Cotton can be dyed easily hence you would find cotton upholstery fabric in any colour possible.

Cotton is 100% natural fabric. It is hypoallergenic that is suitable for delicate skin types.

It can be wrinkled easily. Cotton fabric catches the colour of other fabric easily.


  • Silk

Silk is most opulent and most costly natural fabric. It can last for extremely prolonged stretch of time. It is available in wide range of colours, design and styles.

Silk is pricey. It cannot be used roughly. It is vulnerable to sun, spills & fading.


  • Linen

It is a natural fabric. It is often blended with synthetic fibres to improve its qualities.

Linen is smooth to touch and is very comfortable material. It is very strong in nature. It is abrasive safe and safe from pilling. Linen is antibacterial in nature.

Linen gets wrinkled very easily. It is prone to dirtying.


  • Velvet

Velvet is most rich and most appealing upholstery fabric. It is lavishly soft. It cab be dyed in many colours.

Velvet fabric is hard to clean. It is very expensive upholstery fabric.


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Benefits of upholstery cleaning


If you haven’t got your upholstery cleaned in past 1 year at least, you should consider getting upholstery cleaned on priority.

Following are the benefits of upholstery cleaning.

Remove allergens- Dust gets accumulated on your upholstery all the time. If you have pets in your home, their hairs or dander get built-up on the sofa, mattress or carpet. With upholstery cleaning, you can remove these allergens from the upholstery very easily. With clean upholstery, you will have fewer allergies like sneezing and asthma attacks.

Remove stains- When you utilise the upholstery for long, you will start seeing some stains on it. If something is spilled on it, it gets stained. You dirty clothes affect your furniture. The longer the stains remain on upholstery, harder to remove it. So go for upholstery cleaning at least once in 6 moths.

Remove odour- Dirt and stains bring foul odour too. Upholstery absorbs the pet odour easily. Kids sometimes pee on the sofa or carpet or mattress and it retains the smell. Professional upholstery cleaning will help to get rid of the bad smell out of upholstery.

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Clean air- With all of dust and dirt removed from your upholstery, you will have a clean and fresh air in your home. Upholstery cleaning will remove germs and bacteria from your furniture. This will make the inside air healthier to breathe.

Restore original look- Apart from removing stains and dust, bringing the original look of your furniture back is one of the great benefits of upholstery cleaning. No one likes to sit on dirty furniture. When you get your upholstery cleaned, it will look fresh and renewed.

Longer furniture life- New furniture is expensive to buy. Why not save money by getting your upholstery cleaned? Upholstery cleaning is not very expensive too. It can extend the life of your furniture without spending much as compared to replacing it.


Sign you need upholstery cleaning


You have this notion in mind that clean furniture is the furniture that doesn’t have stains on it. But that is not always the case. Allergens and dust settles deep into your upholstery and mere vacuuming is insufficient in removing them.

Below mentioned factors will help you in deciding when you need a professional upholstery cleaning to be done.

Stains- Stains can happen in many different ways. Your pets may stain the sofa. Kids may pee on your mattress or carpet. Someone may spill a red wine or coffee on your sofa.

It’s hard to remove these types of stains from your upholstery on your own. In such cases, to remove such stubborn stains, you should go for professional upholstery cleaning.

Time- Regular upholstery cleaning is recommended for a healthier home. If you haven’t got your upholstery cleaned for long (let’s say 1 year), we suggest to go for it irrespective of visible stains.

Odour- Some upholstery may start smelling bad even without stains. While your entire house is smelling great except the upholstery, you should definitely consider upholstery cleaning.

Allergy symptoms- If you or your family members are observing sudden increase in allergy symptoms, this might be because of your upholstery. Pollen, dust and dander settled on the upholstery fabric get released into the air. When you breathe this polluted air, you start sneezing or may face asthma attacks. Upholstery cleaning will remove these harmful elements from the air.

Dull look- Regular use and continuous exposure to light makes your furniture looking dull. Daily wear causes your furniture to lose its new look. Upholstery cleaning will help in bringing the new look back to a great extent.


Why choose us


Dirtblaster Cleaning Services provides refreshing upholstery cleaning service in Pune. This extends the life of your furniture and is safe and healthy for your kids and pets. We will send a professional team to refresh and clean your upholstery, bringing new look to your upholstery.

  • Dirtblaster cleaning services is one of the most trusted cleaning services companies in Pune.
  • We use industry standard chemicals from Diversey company and other tools we use are also of professional grade.
  • All our staff is in house only and our team members are trained and experienced.
  • All our staff members are background verified.
  • We have standard pricing for all our services.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our services.


Types of upholstery cleaning services


At Dirtblaster, we have different services for your upholstery cleaning.

Sofa Cleaning- Sofa is the heart of your living room. You spend most of your time on your sofa doing different things such as watching TV, attaining guests or even eating. At Dirtblaster, we are expert in removing all types of stains from your sofa. After, sofa cleaning is done, your sofa will look fresh and clean just like new.

Chair Cleaning- Be it dining chairs in home or chairs in your office, we clean all. Long use of chairs will lead to staining of the chairs or dust is gathered in the upholstery fabric. We use professional chair deep cleaning methods to remove the stains and allergens.

Mattress Cleaning- The dust mites and allergens present in your mattress may cause allergies to you and your family members. We shed millions of bacteria with skin that we shed while sleeping on the mattress. With Dirtblaster’s mattress cleaning service, you can avoid allergies and bad smell from your mattress.

Carpet Cleaning- Carpet is the first thing your guests or customers notice when they enter your property. The Carpet gathers the most of the dust from your house. Carpet cleaning includes office carpet cleaning as well as home carpet cleaning. Covert your dirty carpet into a fresh carpet with Dirtblaster carpet cleaning services in Pune.


Process of upholstery cleaning


Step 1- Dry vacuuming

The upholstery is first dry vacuumed using an industry grade high powered vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dust, dirt and debris.

Step 2- Pre treatment

The stubborn stains such as coffee stains, paint stains will be pre-treated with our specially formulated stain remover. This will ensure that the chemical stays there on the stains for long. This will ensure to break the stains.

Step 3- Shampooing

Now a standard chemical from company like Diversey will be applied to the upholstery. A mild brush will be used to scrub the upholstery thoroughly. This will ensure that the stains are removed and shampoo goes deep into the upholstery.

Step 4- Wet vacuuming

The chemical applied will be sucked out of the sofa using a vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that the shampoo comes out completely and no residue remains. This will ensure that the dust comes out of the upholstery from within.

Step 5- Drying

The upholstery cleaned this way will have no stains and it will be dust free. Upholstery will be wet after cleaning and will take approximately 5-6 hour to dry completely. It is advised not to use the upholstery till it is completely dry.




Q. How long does it take to clean upholstery?

A. The time required to clean a upholstery depends upon the type of upholstery and the dirtiness of upholstery. For example, sofa cleaning may take 45 min to 1 hour approximately while office carpet cleaning may take entire day.

Q. How long does it take to dry upholstery?

A. It takes approximately 5-6 hours to dry the upholstery completely.

Q. How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

A. The cost of upholstery cleaning depends upon the type of upholstery. Sofa cleaning charges start from Rs. 399 only. Carpet cleaning charges start from Rs. 399 only. Chair cleaning is charges at Rs. 100 per chair etc.

Q. What do I have to provide for upholstery cleaning?

A. We bring our own chemicals and material. We require a continuous supply of electricity and water from the customer.

Q. Do you do upholstery cleaning at home or take it with you?

A. Home based upholstery such as mattress, carpet & sofa will be cleaned at customers place only.

Q. Can you remove all the stains from upholstery?

A. Even though we use most professional chemicals and machinery available in the market, even though our staff has vast experience in upholstery cleaning, not all stains can be removed in one go. For tough stains, frequent cleaning is advised.

Q. Do you do office carpet cleaning also?

A. Yes, we do all kinds of carpet cleaning, be it residential of commercial carpet cleaning.

Q. How do I book your services?

A. To book our upholstery cleaning service, you can call us on 7350321321 or visit https://dirtblaster.in/contact-us/