Why Do You Need A Home Deep Cleaning?

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Homes go through a lot of wear and tear on regular basis. Regular dusting or vacuuming isn’t enough to maintain the house. It’s a good idea to scrub the spaces that are or done on regular basis. Deep cleaning is giving a little more love to your home. So let’s find out why do you need a deep cleaning? And when?

Table of Content

  • What is a deep cleaning?
  • Signs that suggest you require a deep home cleaning
  • Benefits of a home deep cleaning
  • Why you should call professionals for home deep cleaning?


What is a deep cleaning?

Let us first understand what is not a deep cleaning.

The things you do to maintain your house on day-to-day basis is not a deep cleaning. It’s called a normal cleaning or maid cleaning.

You might be thinking, “Ok! That I know but then what is a deep cleaning?”

 Deep cleaning is diving deep into the areas which are neglected during normal cleaning. You or your maid is not expected to disinfect the switchboards on daily basis. Switchboards might be dusted once in a week. But what about those marks on it or disinfecting it once in a while? That is what is done in a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning can be best described in other words as disinfecting, degreasing, descaling or decluttering.

Deep cleaning covers areas such as behind the heavy furniture, inside out trolleys and cabinets in the kitchen, skirting of walls, corners of floors, vacuuming of upholstery etc. These things are normally not covered in regular cleaning.

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Signs that suggest you require a deep home cleaning

At Dirtblaster, we have completed thousands of cleaning jobs and continuing. We have a keen observation when it comes to your property. And that’s why we hardly miss anything while cleaning. (Less than 5% chances are still there that we miss anything!! Off course we are humans too!!)

So here are few points that if you observe at your home, it’s time to go for a Home Deep Cleaning Services In Pune.

  • If you find your fans have started gathering dust on the edges, go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you haven’t cleaned the lofts in quite a while (5-6 months), go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you haven’t vacuumed your mattresses for more than 6 months, go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you see bird droppings on your windows or in the balcony, go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you see water marks or whitish bathroom taps, go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you can’t see through your shower glass quite clearly even after wiping the water on it, go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you observe grease on door handles of your kitchen trolleys or cabinets, go for a deep cleaning.
  • If you have your guests coming over or if you have any function at your house, go for a deep cleaning.

We can list out 100s of reasons if your house needs a deep cleaning.

We suggest to go for an entire house deep cleaning once in 6 months and go for our other packages of bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, and balcony cleaning meanwhile.

This is the best way to maintain your house for entire year.

Benefits of a home deep cleaning

Even if you are a cleaning enthusiast, your eyes miss microscopic areas where germs normally accumulate.

Deep cleaning a house is a very tedious process in comparison to normal cleaning.

So we suggest go for a deep home cleaning once in 6 months at least.

Following are the benefits of a deep cleaning

  • Eliminate bacteria and allergies- Deep cleaning helps in eliminating dust mites, bacteria, mildew, scums etc from your home.
  • Increase air quality- Deep cleaning involves vacuuming of the surfaces first to remove the dust. It’s not like a normal cleaning where you just wipe the surfaces with a cloth. Wiping doesn’t remove all the dust and the dust just settles from one place to other.
  • Disinfection- Deep home cleaners involve disinfectant cleaner to disinfect the surfaces.
  • Reduce stress- Deep home cleaning makes your space more healthy and fresh.

That is why our tagline is “Clean Spaces Make Happy Faces”.

Why you should call professionals for home deep cleaning?

When it comes to deep cleaning your home, take no chances and call the professionals straight away. We enlist the benefits of calling professionals for deep cleaning below:

  • Professional house cleaners do it better- Be it the experience or the skills, professionals know it better that your maids do.
  • Right tools to do the job- Apart from right knowledge, professional cleaners have right machines and materials to do the job.
  • Handling big jobs- Professional cleaning companies are best at handling bigger jobs. If you have big house or a bungalow, it’s always the best option to go to the professionals as cleaning and maintaining a big house is simply very much time consuming.
  • Free Time- Deep cleaning makes it easier for you to maintain the house afterwards. So you save your time to do things you love the most.
  • Cost effective too- Buying professional cleaning materials or equipment is an expensive affair. Also, if you consider the time and efforts you have to put in doing it yourself, it’s always cost effective to call a professional cleaning company.

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