Microfiber Dusters- An Eco Friendly Cleaning Option


Cleaning with microfiber dusters and towels will assist you with cleaning quicker, smarter, less expensive and more advantageous and healthier!

Regardless of whether you are cleaning with a 80/20 or 70/30 polyester/polyamide mix material, you will have the option to improve it and make quicker.

Have you at any point cleaned with a cotton cloth and found the dust still on your furniture when dusting is completed?

That is on the grounds that cotton doesn’t have a similar dust collecting capacity as that of microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloths have split texture so that the duster collects the dust.

This dust gets collected into the “wedged” spaces inside the cloth, rather than pushing it in front of itself, dissimilar to cotton cloths.

Microfiber actually grasps the dust, pulling it within the filaments of the material and holding it in the fabric.

It holds it until you expel it by rinsing as well as washing the cloth.

In making this sort of cloth, the fibre has been split, expanding the surface area of the fabric, contrasted with a non-split fibre material.

microfiber dusters


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It resembles having a brush with a couple of bristles.

Contrasted with a brush having heaps of bristles, the more bristles build its cleaning capacity.

A split microfiber material can have 2,00,000 fibres for each square inch of fabric.

Microfiber, with simply water, will disinfect surfaces, subsequently taking out the requirement for chemical cleaners.

It has been found through a sustainability study at Royal Roads University in Canada, that this fabric, with just water did a better job of expelling bacteria from hard surfaces, contrasted with utilising a cotton cloth with disinfectant cleaner.

In research carried out at Royal Roads University in Canada, combination of water and microfiber cloth was able to remove 99.4% of bacteria.

While a cotton cloth and bleach removed 99% of bacteria.

A cotton cloth and disinfectant was found to be the least effective removing just 92.78% of bacteria.

So you are as yet saying how this assists me with cleaning quicker and all the more productively!

Uses Of Microfiber In Cleaning

  • While cleaning your furniture, racks etc use a microfiber cloth and you won’t have to re-wipe.
  • Simply take a dry or damp microfiber duster and wipe the surface to remove the dust!

  • The duster will pick that dust, gathering it inside the fabric leaving your surfaces dust free.

  • At the point when it collects enough dust and becomes dirty, simply wash it in warm/boiling water and continue cleaning.

  • This kind of cloth will help you save time for the reason you won’t have to wipe and re-wipe the same surface over and again.

  • The microfiber dusters almost don’t leave a film of water behind.
  • This characteristic will ensure that it won’t ruin any of your wood surfaces.
  • You should simply wet it, wring it, wipe it and leave.

  • Microfiber dusters can help in expelling the allergen particles from your environment without you adding any additional chemical.

  • This not only just assists with saving and protecting our environment but additionally keeps us more healthy, saving our money on medications and clinical expenses.

  • You can clean your bathroom with a damp microfiber. Simply wipe your sink, shower, mirrors, taps etc with a moist microfiber duster.
  • Also wash it as often as possible in hot water, to expel the dust and bacteria collected in the duster.

  • You can use microfiber duster to wipe the toilet seats and shower glasses also.
  • Just don’t use this duster anywhere else to prevent cross contamination.

  • To have wonderful, shinning mirrors, windows or glass elsewhere, wipe them with a moist microfiber towel and let it air dry or use another dry microfiber towel.

  • Utilise a microfiber duster for cleaning up your kitchen. You can use for wiping off gas stove, fridge, kitchen platform, counters and sink.

  • It is incredible for cleaning electronic appliances such as refrigerator, oven, toaster, dish washer etc. Simply wipe and leave.

  • These dusters can also be used for wiping the washed utensils.

  • Microfiber mops can be very beneficial for floor mopping. Because of its splitting characteristic nature, it will pick up the finest particles of dust, keeping floors cleaner longer. You might not need to wet mop your floors as frequently.

  • You can save your precious time when giving your pets a shower by utilising a microfiber shower towel. Their super absorbency will help you in getting dry your pet very quickly, after a shower or swimming.

  • Microfiber cloths are very commonly used to clean photographic lenses of very expensive cameras like DSLR cameras.

  • Microfibers don’t absorb oil present on the lenses and are not abrasive or leave a residue.
  • These cloths are sold by major manufacturers such as Nikon and Canon

  • Small microfiber cleaning cloths are commonly used for cleaning computer screens, sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Not only making cleaning quicker and simpler but using a microfiber is actually a cost saving option as you won’t need to purchase all the cleaning chemicals.

Microfiber dusters can be reused for years. So not only are they cost savers but they are also ecologically more secure than other cleaning techniques.

Make a decision to start cleaning with microfiber cloth only to save your loved ones from the hazards of dust and dirt.

It also makes your environment free from toxic chemicals.

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