What to Look For When Buying a Leather Sofa

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Like most things in your life, you get what you pay for with regards to purchasing a sofa. 

But in contrast to a kitchen utensil or pair of shoes, a sofa is an expensive thing and is expected to be part of your home for a very long time.

Like most other people, your sofa will be a place for you to chill and relax. It will be a spot to engage visitors.

It might even be a place to cuddle up on a Saturday night and watch a film with your life partner or children.

Leather has been the well-established style symbol material for all designers since old days. 

The leather is pleasingly simple, graceful and stylish in appearance. This elegance from a leather article adds to its appeal. Here is a manual for purchasing the right type of leather sofa for your home.

Making an impulsive choice can prompt serious purchaser’s regret. Your expected comfort level will be compromised and your sofa, which you spent a lot of cash on, will begin to fall apart in only a couple of years.

So what things you should consider when purchasing a leather sofa?

Types of Leather

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Cambridge leather has a spotted appearance and is semi aniline treated leathers. It has a natural grainy structure on the surface.

New England leather is also semi aniline treated leather with a trademark distress finish. The leather is normally hard and hence must be cleaned with wax frequently to keep it soft.

Oregon leather is a mouldable kind of leather. It can very well be effectively twisted to any shape and structure and hence is widely used in shoe and bag manufacturing.

Like the Cambridge leather, this also has grainy structure on the surface.

Antique leather is the most favoured leather even today. These are hand-made leathers.

Leather never grows old. Actually, it ages over the time. Also, it does so elegantly. That is the thing that makes it a costly.

Not at all like different couches which wear out with time, a leather couch holds its sturdiness.

To learn about other type of sofa fabric, check this article “Types Of Sofa Fabric”.

Select Correct Wooden Frame

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Maintain a strategic distance from any leather couch that is built of delicate wood frames, like pine. Decide on hardwoods like Maple, Cherry, Walnut or Oak.

Check our An Ultimate Sofa Buying Guide.

Pick Your Colour

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Ensuring that the couch you purchase is the best leather couch for you also implies that it goes with the rest of your furnishings.

Look at your room wisely. Do you wish your couch to standout in the room? Or would you like it more when it mixes with the general interior?

There are limited choices available when it comes to selecting colours of genuine leather couches, so that can be unhelpful in case you’re searching for a splendid red champion couch piece.

You can find multiple colour option in ‘Faux Leather’ which is not a genuine leather.

Consider Your Style

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Last, however certainly not least, take your very own style into consideration. Everything relies upon your taste and choice. Similarly, as all that you possess reflects your character, a leather sofa will stress the same.

You may go in for a whole arrangement of 2 single seaters, a double seater and a triple seater. Or you may decide to get one single leather recliner.

It is totally your decision. Does an advanced style appeals to you? If yes then buy a sofa that matches the design in your mind.

Sofas, including leather sofas, can be found in a wide variety of styles and colours today. And it is not necessary for you to compromise on style for quality.

Few Leather Sofa Maintenance Tips:

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Professional Home Deep Cleaning Services In Pune

All kinds of leather are produced from animal skins. So like human skin has blemishes, animal skin has a few imperfections too.

Those blemishes are difficult to get rid of and will in general remain even after chemical treatment.

Unlike other types of sofas where spilling a beverage or food item can be cleaned of with a tissue, a leather sofa requires some more attention than that.

  • Keep the sofa far from sunlight to avoid colour fading and cracking.

  • Polish the sofa with wax/leather conditioner once you start seeing cracks on it.

  • Cleaning is just by vacuuming.

  • Never use any chemical for cleaning. Real and natural leather needs specialist products and can’t be simply cleaned with normal household cleaners.

  • Keep sharp objects, such as knife away, from the sofa.

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