7 Very Useful Wooden Furniture Cleaning Tips

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Wooden furniture of any kind adds to the feeling and beautifulness of a room. Great quality wooden furniture lasts for a lifetime. Well maintained furniture lasts for generations to generations. But, even the best quality of wood is prone to erosion and decrement after some time. It is basic to clean and keep up your wooden furniture all the time to shield it from losing sheen.

Wooden furniture looks extraordinary, but requires appropriate care to make them last more. With the correct system and cleaning items, it’s easy to keep your wooden furniture looking like new.

Here are a couple of hacks to clean your wooden furniture completely at home.

Tip No 1- Type Of Wood

Dirtblaster home deep cleaning services pune

The external completing of the furniture reacts with the synthetic compounds and arrangements utilized on it. Along these lines, utilizing a correct cleaner or arrangement will help in progressive cleaning of your home or office furniture. Guarantee to not utilize a lot of water while cleaning the furnishings and regardless of whether you wind up utilizing it, don’t leave it for a long. This is on the grounds that water can break or twist the wood.

Tip No 2- Dusting

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Sunlight, heat and other natural conditions can unleash destruction on your wooden furnishings and you would not like to see layers of dust shaping on it.

Frequent dusting should be the very basic and essential tip one should follow to maintain the furniture. Ensure you utilize a delicate fabric like microfiber cloth. Microfiber dusters will assist you with cleaning without scratching the surface and will help you in achieving the desired result in less time.

Tip No 3- Deep Cleaning

Dirtblaster home deep cleaning services pune

While normal dusting and cleaning is fundamental, you ought not to overlook the significance of deep cleaning occasionally.

Deep cleaning will guarantee that your wooden furniture endures longer and keep up its brilliance. Difficult stains can be expelled by utilizing a mixture of soap and water.

Prior to cleaning your wooden furnishings, test the solution with a microfiber cloth on a little segment to ensure its suitability.

 Abstain from leaving overabundance water on your furnishings and quickly dry it with another clean duster.

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Tip No 4- Paint It

Dirtblaster home deep cleaning services pune

Indeed, even with the best consideration and upkeep, wooden furniture will face wear and tear. Minor scratches and scraped areas can be covered up by utilising a liquid polish. However, in the event that the harm caused to your furniture is broad, at that point you can think about covering it with new paint.

Painting the wooden furniture can truly give it an inconceivable facelift. What’s more, this time you can pick the paint as indicated by the shades of the room you have put it in.

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Tip No 5- Use Baking Soda

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We frequently overlook the significance of napkins on tables and here’s the reason you ought to put few to use.

Water rings and stains brought about by glasses and containers can make your wooden table look dull and old. You can rub any non-gel toothpaste onto the stains and wipe off the residue with microfiber cloth.

For tough stains, make a paste of baking soda and water and rub the paste onto the stains. Rub gently till the stains are not visible. Wipe off with damp microfiber cloth afterwards.

Tip No 6- Fight Bad Odours

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When we have furniture with a great number of drawers and cupboards in wood, we may find a particular type of smell when we open the drawers.

Because of dampness and other natural conditions, we can’t avoid this smell but we can definitely eliminate it completely. Just put some coffee beans inside and you will be astonished at how quick the scent evaporates.

Tip No 7- Re-Oil & Re-Wax To Re-Establish Sparkle

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In case your wooden furniture has gotten dry after some time and you need to re-establish its sparkle, all you have to do is re-oil it.

Start with cleaning the surface first. Make sure that the surface is free from any dust and contaminants. Now you can apply furniture oil generously. Let the furniture absorb all the oil for at least 15 minutes.

If your furniture has a wax protective covering, you may need to re-wax it. Apply the wax and spread it all over the furniture. Ensure you follow the grains for smoother application.

Few Additional Wooden Furniture Cleaning Tips

  • Warm water is best when it comes to furniture cleaning.
  • Get your wooden furniture far from the sun. Direct daylight can make cause irreparable damage to it.
  • Cover wooden furniture surfaces with tablecloths and napkins. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Keep sharp items away to avoid from scratches.

There you have it! Keeping up your wooden furniture has never been simpler. These successful hacks will guarantee your furniture will keep going for a considerable length of time to come.