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If you are looking for a professional company for your Office Cleaning Services In Pune city then you are off to a great start. Just call Dirtblaster for Professional Office Cleaning Services In Pune.

Even if you are a small entrepreneur or a small businessman or working in a big corporate, a neat and clean office helps to create a positive first impression and boosts employee morale.

A fresh office symbolises professionalism and creates a healthy work atmosphere for your employees which is most important asset of any company.

Cleanliness of your office says a lot about your work ethics. Don’t let dirt be the reason for your clients not to work with you.

Finding the best office cleaning services in Pune is not a very difficult task when you have Dirtblaster Cleaning Services with you.

At Dirtblaster Cleaning Services, we make customised plans for your company to satisfy your cleaning needs.

We concentrate on your business specific needs and accordingly develop a cleaning schedule that fulfils your requirement.

Reasons to go for Office Cleaning

An unclean office creates unhealthy environment in the organisation. As stated in article published in Business Mattersa dirty, filthy office atmosphere will affect productivity of employees.

The employees won’t show much interest in working in such conditions. A cluttered office will result into employees compromising on standard of their work.

The simplest way to improve employee’s productivity is by giving them neat and clean office.

Here are some of the reasons for you to go for office cleaning services in Pune now.

Enhanced attention- In an organised office environment, employees will be able to focus more on their main work.

Time utilisation- When employees are not required to search for things like files, stationery etc frequently in an office, employees will save a lot of time.

More profitability- Employees focusing more on their job without disturbance means more profitability is guaranteed.

Less absenteeism- With clean office, employees will fall ill less often and will have less absenteeism in the organisation.

Improved Morale- Employees will be happier to work in clean office space. This will improve their morale.

Employee retention- When employees are happy, they will be likely to stick to company for long.

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How does office cleaning benefit your business?

In today’s world, lot of businesses have understood the importance of office cleaning.

Any area which looks neat & clean to naked eyes might be carrying lot of dirt, dust & grime. Your regular housekeeping is not enough. You should opt for office deep cleaning services in Pune.

Here are the benefits of office cleaning for you.

    1 Increased life of office supplies

Every other office has electronic items, furniture & carpet. These are very costly items.

Dust is one of the main reasons electronic items start malfunctioning after some time. The carpet may get damaged if proper care is not taken.

Carpet starts to smell bad if not cleaned every few months. Stains on the carpet ruin the look of the carpet.

The chairs used by the employees may have dust mites if not cleaned regularly.

Alternatively when these are maintained well, they will last longer. Your computers & printers will function properly and efficiently.

A clean carpet will add a significant difference to the look of your office.

Dirtblaster’s office cleaning services in Pune provides comprehensive and easy cleaning solution that will increase the life of office supplies.

    2 Better health of your employees

A dirty work environment is neither liked by employees nor good for their health.

In an office, many facilities such as washrooms, printers, pantry area are shared by many employees.

These areas have a lot of dust and germs which can easily spread from one employee to other. Similarly this common sharing can cause spreading of germs.

Unclean office space means dust in the air which will cause respiratory issues and allergy and asthma to employees.

A cleaner office environment will help in preventing these air borne diseases.

An uncluttered office space will avoid the chances of injury caused due to slips, falls etc.

    3 Increase employee productivity

More productive the employees are, more beneficial it is for the businesses. 

Productive employees will perform better and eventually add to the profit of any company.

Lower absenteeism is directly proportional to increased employee productivity. 

When you have to keep looking for things, you would focus less on your job and eventually will perform less.

A clean and tidy office space will boost the morale of the employees.

Clean workspace where everything is organised properly helps employees to be more focused on their work.

    4 Improved business image

An untidy office space, stained carpet, un-energetic employees will not be liked by any one.

Imagine your customers or vendors see this when they first enter your office!! Any person will hesitate to do business with such company.

A spic n span office will portray a positive image of your businesses and vendors and clients would definitely love to do business with such company.

DIY office cleaning tips

Keeping a dust free office sends the correct message to your employees as well as vendors.

Here are few important office cleaning tips.

     1. Prepare a methodology

The first important step is to prepare a plan for cleaning.

Whether you have a small office or a large corporate, you always can diving the cleaning tasks into small chunks and plan accordingly.

     2. Do it consistently

Once your plan is ready, you may think that it is a very huge task and may feel overpowered by what you need to achieve.

Don’t stress out and try to all the things in hurry. Find out what works best for you and start doing it one thing at a time no matter how small it is.

     3. Divide & Conquer

It is advised to divide your office space into small parts and clean these smaller parts one at a time.

You can decide which part to be cleaned when and plan your schedule accordingly.

Sorting your space and working into classification is a basic thing to perform the best office cleaning job.

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Why outsource office cleaning?

Cleaning has become necessary part of our lives whether it is our own home cleaning or office cleaning where we work.

To keep the employees happy and safe, you should consider outsourcing the office cleaning tasks to professional cleaning services company.

When your regular housekeepers clean the toilets and the floor regularly you might ask why do I need office deep cleaning service? The reason is normal cleaning can never be a replacement for deep cleaning.

Normal cleaning is done on daily basis but deep office cleaning in Pune should be done once in 6 months or at least once in a year.

The reason to go for deep cleaning is basically to clean the surfaces and corners which are neglected in normal cleaning.

When you outsource the cleaning tasks to professionals, your employee’s morale will boost up and they can do other tasks related to their main job.

Here are some of the most important reasons to outsource office cleaning task to a professional cleaning company.

· Regular housekeepers are not the expert in doing the deep cleaning of the office. Alternatively, staff of professional office cleaning companies is trained in performing the best deep cleaning job.

      · Professional cleaning companies have right equipment and tools required to perform the best deep office cleaning job. They possess state of the art machines and chemicals.

      · Staffs of professional office cleaning services companies are trained on periodic basis.

      · Some kinds of floors require special maintenance care to be taken. For example, wooden flooring, marble flooring etc require special care to be taken so that they are not damaged. The professionals know exactly what type of flooring needs what type of care.

      · As many people use the same facilities in the office, sanitisation of the same is very important to avoid the spread of germs. Professional cleaners have the necessary tools and experience required to avoid spreading of germs.

      · Normally all the professional office cleaning companies have their websites or central contact number where you can do the booking very easily.

      · These companies offer various payment modes other than only cash.

      · They are called professionals because they truly are professional in what they do. These services companies stick to their commitment and make sure that their customer is 100% satisfied with their service.

      · If you face any issue in the process starting from booking till the job is completed, you can always contact these company’s customer care number and get the resolution.

   How to find a good office cleaning services company?

There are many office cleaning services companies available in the market. Few of them are good, some of them are not up to the standard.

So how will you decide which company to hire to outsource your office cleaning services in Pune so that you get value for your money paid?

Here are few crucial factors to consider while choosing a company for office deep cleaning.

Reputation- The reputation of the cleaning company in the market is very important. You can ask the cleaning services company who were their clients and you can call these clients to get the feedback on how they found the service.

Services- The basic purpose of any office cleaning services company in Pune is to keep the office clean and tidy. But always check what all kinds of services this company provides.

These services include Janitorial Service, Façade Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Chair Shampooing, Sofa Shampooing, Carpet Cleaning etc.

Quality- This should be most important factor to be considered. You can ask for the sample work or can ask for the photos of previous work.

Price- Even though quality matters the most but the price also plays a very important role. There must be proper correlation between services offered and the charges.

Why hire Dirtblaster for office cleaning services in Pune?


At Dirtblaster, you get affordable and upfront pricing. Though we charge as per the job, but we always try to ensure that our quotes are on lower side as far as possible.

We try to maintain balance between affordable prices and the best quality service.

All of our staffs are background checked before we deploy them to your site.

Our professionals are qualified and very well trained.

We use standard chemicals from world renowned brands like Diversey or Buzil-Rossari.

Our motto is a guaranteed 100% satisfaction on our services.

For commercial office cleaning services in Pune bookings, call on 7350321321 or visit


Q. How can I trust Dirtblaster Cleaning Services?

A. Dirtblaster is a local services company in Pune. We have been in this business for more than 5 years and have served many big corporate companies in Pune.

We have earned the reputation of a trustworthy company because of our service quality and work commitment.

Q. Why should I choose you?

A. We do not outsource our jobs and have all in-house team only.

100% satisfaction on all our services is what we guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with our service, we will come back and serve you again without any cost to you.

Q. How often should office cleaning be done?

A. Ideally an office should be cleaned every six months. At least once in a year is must.

We have other customised packages also which you can opt such as Chair Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Window Cleaning, etc.

Q. Do I need to provide anything?

A. We bring our own material and tools necessary. Client needs to provide a continuous supply of electricity and water.

Q. What are the charges for office cleaning services in Pune?

A. Every office is unique and has different requirements. So rate for cleaning varies depending upon few factors such as size of the office, things to be cleaned, frequency of cleaning etc.

We will be able to give our best quotation after inspection only. And this visit is totally free !!